Press Release

QuickSTAF 1.0 is a GUI front-end tool for Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF). By using STAF GUI, users can be able to compose and send requests by simple mouse clicks and receive responses as they are receiving web pages.

In other words, STAF GUI is a performance enhancement tool. By sending requests quickly and easily, STAF GUI allows users, admins, and test developers to focus on solving their problems instead of learning or dealing issues with the tool they use.

STAF GUI is available for immediate download in all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is available in three different editions:

  1. QuickSTAF Network sends requests to any machine on the network, and the pricing starts at $199.00 CAD per seat.
  2. QuickSTAF Standalone sends requests to only local machine, and the pricing starts at $49.00 CAD per seat
  3. QuickSTAF Demo free for evaluation purpose.

STAF GUI Network and Standalone are also available for tiered discount rates for multiple license.

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