Appendix E. Modifying service help

Table of Contents

Editing service help
Meanings of syntax errors
Correcting service help errors when adding services
Correcting service help errors when updating services

In order to use STAF GUI you do not need to modify any of the service help. This feature is provided for the following purposes only:

  1. To correct any syntax error or positional invalidity in service help.

  2. To design a new service by trying out various ways to provide a help.

Moreover, the changes that you are going to make in service help may not work at all since the service may not support the command or options that were specified. Therefore, you should be clear about your purpose before you edit a service help.

This section explains how to edit service help and correct any syntax errors.

Editing service help

In the Edit Service Help dialog, the response header displays in an un-editable textbox and statements display in an editable textbox.

  1. Edit the statements in the textbox.

  2. In future, if you do not want to make any changes, select the Do not show next time check box.

  3. Accept or Cancel:

    • To discard the changes, click the Reset button.

    • To accept the changes, click the Accept button.