Chapter 4. Using QuickSTAF

Table of Contents

Submitting a request
Saving a response
Changing response format
Printing a response
Viewing online service help
Stopping a long running request
Stop loading a response
Finding a machine
Choosing a pool
Enabling history
Viewing a history
Navigating history
Narrowing down a history
Deleting session history
Deleting history
Working with text
Selecting, cutting, copying, pasting and deleting text
Finding text

Submitting a request

To submit a request,

  1. In the Command pane, if necessary expand the machine and service that you want to send the request.

  2. In the Command pane select the command under the service. As a result of the selection,

    • Options display in the Option pane if the command supports them.

    • The machine, service and default request string display in the Submit drop-down combination box.

    • The Submit button is enabled only if the default request string satisfies the service help definition. Otherwise, it is disabled.

  3. To specify options, specify appropriate values in the Option pane if necessary. As a result of these changes,

    • The request string that displays in the Submit drop-down combination box changes accordingly.

    • The Submit button becomes enabled if the request string satisfies the service help. Otherwise, it is disabled.

  4. To submit the request, click the Submit button. As a result,

    • If the request takes more than one second to respond, in the Command pane, a row displays under the command with a progress icon, submit number and a timer which displays elapsed time. This row remains visible until the request responds. The pool tab icon also displays the progress icon until it responds.

    • The response will display in the Response tabbed section of the Response pane.


You can submit up to 516 requests at the same time.