Working with text

Working with text (selecting, cutting, copying, pasting and deleting) in STAF GUI is similar to working with text in any other application. You can use the mouse or the keyboard for these operations. You can also copy text from other sources, such as Web pages, and paste it into STAF GUI.

Selecting, cutting, copying, pasting and deleting text

  • All text boxes and drop-down combination boxes allow all operations.

  • The Response pane, however, allows only selecting and copying operations.

Finding text

You can use the find feature in the Response pane for searching text. To display the find toolbar, choose EditFind (Ctrl+F).

  1. Enter a word or phrase in the Find text box.

  2. Select the Match case check box for a case-sensitive search.

  3. Click Next. To proceed from top to bottom, click the button again or choose EditFind Again (Ctrl+G). To search in the opposite direction, click Previous.