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GUI client for STAF V3

User's Guide

User's guide rv:1.39 for QuickSTAF 1.0 rv:1.8

June 2011

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Technical Support

For technical support, log on to QuickSTAF Support website.

Table of Contents

1. Product overview
Introducing QuickSTAF
2. Getting started
Determining system requirements
Installing QuickSTAF
Getting help
Starting QuickSTAF
Parts of the main window
Brief tutorial
Closing QuickSTAF
Uninstalling QuickSTAF
3. Setting up QuickSTAF
Adding a pool
Editing a pool
Changing the position of a pool
Deleting a pool
Adding a machine
Adding machines and services as batch processing
Editing a machine
Changing the position of a machine
Deleting a machine
Adding services
Updating services
Updating services as batch processing
Editing service help before adding or updating services
Deleting services
Fixing a service
Resetting options
Choosing view preferences
Choosing edit preferences
4. Using QuickSTAF
Submitting a request
Saving a response
Changing response format
Printing a response
Viewing online service help
Stopping a long running request
Stop loading a response
Finding a machine
Choosing a pool
Enabling history
Viewing a history
Navigating history
Narrowing down a history
Deleting session history
Deleting history
Working with text
Selecting, cutting, copying, pasting and deleting text
Finding text
5. Maintaining QuickSTAF
Backing up application data
Restoring application data
Backing up history data
Restoring history data
A. Keyboard shortcuts
B. Common error messages
C. Setting environment variables
D. Technical background
E. Modifying service help
Editing service help
Meanings of syntax errors
Correcting service help errors when adding services
Correcting service help errors when updating services
F. Service help specification
Service help format
Service help to GUI element map
Determining textbox size
G. HTML table format specification

List of Figures

2.1. Statusbar info
E.1. A missing ']'
E.2. A missing '['
F.1. NAMEDCOUNTER service help
F.2. Parent and child options in a service help
F.3. Parent option not selected
F.4. Parent option selected
F.5. Recurring option in a service help
F.6. Recurring option after conversion
F.7. After specifying the first value
F.8. After creating the second block of elements
F.9. After specifying the second value
F.10. After removing the second block of elements
F.11. Event has multiple LIST command

List of Tables

A.1. General Shortcut keys
C.1. Supported environment variables
F.1. External services
F.2. DEMO service help conversion
F.3. Options-GUI elements mapping
G.1. Simple list table
G.2. Simple map table
G.3. List of map table
G.4. Complex table

List of Examples

F.1. DEMO service help
G.1. Simple list
G.2. Simple map
G.3. List of map
G.4. Complex