Testformation, Inc. publishes the MPL-covered source code included in STAF GUI.
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QuickSTAF is a desktop application that provides GUI front-end for Software Testing Automation Framework’s (STAF) STAF command line executable.

Testformation uses Mozilla XULRunner as platform which is being shipped with STAF GUI. It made some small changes to Mozilla’s source code which are published here.

The source code changes are available under the MPL, GPL and LGPL.

Note for clarification: The actual STAF GUI source code (XPCOM module written in C++, JavaScript, XUL, locales etc.) is not open source. The source below contains only the XULRunner platform and changes to it.

QuickSTAF 1.0

Xulrunner source code (61MB)

  • NSPR changes to hide console window when calling PR_CreateProcess in Windows.
    • A few fields was added in PRProcessAttr struct in <topsrcdir>/nsprpub/pr/include/private/primpl.h
    • Above added fields are initialized in _PR_CreateWindowProcess in <topsrcdir>/nsprpub/pr/src/md/windows/ntmisc.c
    • A new function, PR_ProcessAttrSetShowWindow, defined in <topsrcdir>/nsprpub/pr/include/prprocess.h
    • Also defined the same function in <topsrcdir>/nsprpub/pr/src/nspr.def
    • Implemented the above function in <topsrcdir>/nsprpub/pr/src/misc/prinit.c
  • A few configuration options was added to the following files
    • <topsrcdir>/configure.in
    • <topsrcdir>/config/autoconf.mk.in